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Finding a builder that you trust, has decades of construction experience, and delivers transparency and value is a real challenge. Even more so in a small community like Crested Butte.  After interviewing multiple builders for the job of building my family's home in Crested Butte, I chose Scott Hargrove of Hargrove Construction...and I was glad I did ! He was always able to answer or find the answer to the multiple questions on construction detailing, mechanicals, and finishing details. His honest, straight forward manner built trust and confidence in what he said and delivered.


As a Homebuilder for over 30 years, building over 50,000 homes in the Southwest US, I know residential construction. I have hired, contracted with, and overseen thousands of contractors over the years. I can honestly say that Scott is one of the best in the business, and that I would hire him again tomorrow.


Feel free to contact me personally if you would like to discuss further ....Scott or Kristi can get you my contact information.


We feel very fortunate to have chosen Scott Hargrove to build our second home in Crested Butte.  As our primary residence is in New York, it was important to us to have a builder that we could rely on and trust to manage every aspect of our building project.  Scott exceeded our expectations every step of the way.  He not only made our building experience enjoyable and exciting, but always acted with professionalism and integrity.


Scott spent endless hours with us when we were in town, making sure that we were completely happy with every choice we made.  He took care of every detail when we were not there, always keeping us fully informed.  We never once worried about the building of our home.


Our building site had many challenges, but none were too great for Scott.  He faced every obstacle with a positive attitude, and he always found a creative and cost effective solution.  Every detail was attended to with care and great craftsmanship.  We believe that not only Scott's skills, but also the personal attention he gives to his projects and his down to earth personality, set him apart from other builders.


Scott completed our project on time and within our budget.  We enjoy every moment we spend in our home in Crested Butte and are grateful to Scott Hargove for building the house of our dreams.


Scott Hargrove and Hargrove Construction built our custom, full time home at 9600 feet on the Danni Ranch. Coming from Manhattan, we relied on both Scott and Sunlit Architects to make sure we had the right home for the environment and climate. This was to be our primary home and it has lived up to all expectations. We’ve had no snow, cold, water leaks, roof, etc problems that one expects with a house settling in. Scott’s subs were top notch and we have continued to use them in our ongoing preventative maintenance program to keep our house in prime condition. Scott was easy to talk with, he listened to us and shared his ideas if he saw a better way to do things. Best yet, he came in on schedule and under budget.


When my wife and I decided to build our retirement home in Mt. Crested Butte, we were very concerned about choosing a general contractor to build it. We were living in Chicago and knew we would not be on site a good deal of the time while construction was underway. Our good fortune was choosing Scott Hargrove of Hargrove Construction.


Scott was a complete pleasure to work with. This being our full time residence, where we planned to live for the next 20 years, we wanted to include many special features.We had gathered ideas for several years and planned to include them in this special home. Scott found a way every time ! He made a real effort to make sure we had the best materials and even found a perfect arched natural log to form the entrance from our entry to our living room.


From the very beginning Scott made himself available to us when we were able to come into town to see how things were progressing, or on the telephone from Chicago. His attention to detail, craftsmanship and budget was outstanding. He kept us informed all during the construction process and Kristi supplied us with complete records and billing on a monthly bases. When people first visit our home they ask, who built your home ?


We are very happy and proud to say Scott Hargrove of Hargrove Construction.We have lived happily in our lovely home for 12 years, and if we needed to do it again, we wouldn't change a thing.



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