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A Journey of Excellence in Four Chapters: Unveiling the Legacy of Hargrove & Kidd Construction

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Chapter 1: Founding and Early Years

Since its inception, Hargrove & Kidd Construction has emerged as an industry leader in the residential construction industry. With a rich history spanning over four decades, the company has consistently delivered exceptional craftsmanship, personalized attention to detail, and enduring relationships with its discerning clientele. This company history chronicles the remarkable journey of Hargrove & Kidd Construction, showcasing its success, challenges, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

In 1977, Scott Hargrove established Scott Builders, quickly gaining recognition for crafting luxury homes in prestigious areas such as Malibu, Thousand Oaks, and Santa Barbara. Collaborating with renowned architects like Barry Berkus, Scott built many multi-million dollar residences, setting the stage for the company's future success.

During this formative period, Kristi Hargrove joined the team, bringing her expertise as a financial analyst and becoming an integral part of the company's operations. With her strong financial acumen and meticulous attention to detail, Kristi assumed responsibility for managing the company's finances, allowing Scott to focus his expertise on the construction process.

The partnership between Scott and Kristi proved to be a winning combination, driving the growth and reputation of the company. Their shared commitment to excellence and dedication to delivering exceptional craftsmanship laid the groundwork for Hargrove & Kidd Construction's emergence as a leading force in the residential construction industry.

Chapter 2: Relocation and Continuity

In 1993, Scott and Kristi Hargrove, co-owners of the company, made a bold decision to relocate their family to Crested Butte, Colorado, in search of a mountain paradise. With four kids in tow, they embraced the adventure of starting anew in an alpine setting. Transferring the skills and expertise acquired in California, Hargrove Construction seamlessly transitioned to their new surroundings. Their commitment to exceptional craftsmanship remained unwavering, and they quickly formed strong connections with discerning clients in the Crested Butte community.

The move to Crested Butte marked a significant milestone for Hargrove Construction. In 2000, the company incorporated as Hargrove Construction Co., Inc., solidifying their dedication to growth and expanding their reach in the mountain region. This transition allowed them to continue their legacy of delivering high-quality homes while embracing the natural beauty and unique challenges of their new location.

Chapter 3: Delivering Excellence in Crested Butte

For over two decades, Hargrove Construction has built custom homes in prominent Crested Butte areas, showcasing dedication to exceptional craftsmanship and meticulous execution. Operating in the challenging alpine environment of Crested Butte has sharpened our expertise. With elevations exceeding 8,000 feet and heavy snowfall, building in this area presents unique challenges that demand specialized knowledge and techniques. Our experience and efficiency in overcoming these challenges are crucial to successful project execution.

The rugged terrain, extreme weather conditions, and specific site requirements require us to adapt and employ innovative solutions. We have developed a deep understanding of the local climate, soil conditions, and building codes to ensure that each home we construct is resilient and built to withstand the elements. Navigating the logistics of sourcing materials and coordinating with qualified vendors and subcontractors familiar with the intricacies of building in the alpine environment is an integral part of our process. We prioritize collaboration and maintain strong relationships with trusted partners who share our commitment to quality and excellence.


Chapter 4: A New Era Begins

In 1998, Jason Kidd arrived in the Gunnison Valley from Richmond, Virginia. He was captivated by the outdoor wonders and mountain lifestyle. His passion for skiing and love for the region led him to Western State University from Richmond, Virginia. In May 2003, Jason joined Hargrove Construction, where he eagerly embraced the trade, mastering carpentry and project management skills.


Recognizing Jason's talent as a carpenter and project manager and the potential for a smooth transition, Scott and Kristi Hargrove explored the idea of transitioning the business to Jason and Julia as they approached retirement. In 2018, Hargrove Construction transformed into Hargrove & Kidd Construction, solidifying Jason and Julia's ownership. Combining years of experience and a shared commitment to craftsmanship, they continue the legacy of excellence in building homes. Today, Hargrove & Kidd Construction thrives under their leadership, driven by a passion for quality and a dedication to client satisfaction.


As the company embraces the future, guided by the lessons of the past, Hargrove & Kidd Construction remains committed to building exceptional homes in Crested Butte. From its beginnings as Scott Builders to its evolution into Hargrove & Kidd Construction, the company has made a significant impact on the residential construction industry in the Gunnison Valley. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, innovation, and lasting relationships, Hargrove & Kidd Construction has built a legacy that showcases its unwavering dedication to superior craftsmanship. As the company looks ahead to the future, it remains devoted to constructing exceptional homes in the Crested Butte area, making a lasting difference in the communities it serves.

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