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With 15 years of experience as a carpenter at Hargrove Construction, Jason's rise from laborer to partner in 2018 showcases his unwavering dedication and expertise. Today, he proudly serves as President of Hargrove & Kidd Construction.

As a General Contractor, Jason excels in client relations, ensuring a seamless experience throughout new home construction. With extensive construction management knowledge, he navigates complexities with finesse, surpassing client expectations.

Jason's superior construction and carpentry expertise guarantee meticulous attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship. His strong communication skills foster collaboration with clients, architects, and subcontractors, aligning projects with client visions.

Driven by his unwavering commitment to excellence, Jason leads Hargrove & Kidd Construction to consistently deliver exceptional quality, ensuring enduring value and turning client visions into reality.


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With over 40 years of experience building custom homes, Scott is a seasoned expert in the field. Now in an advisory role, his wealth of knowledge continues to make him an invaluable resource.

Having overseen the construction of hundreds of homes, Scott's expertise in building techniques is unmatched. His keen eye for design and attention to detail elevate every project he advises on.

As an advisor, Scott shares his extensive knowledge to craft superior custom homes. His collaborative approach and strong communication skills ensure a seamless partnership with clients, architects, and builders.

With Scott as your trusted advisor, you can benefit from his decades of experience and visionary perspective in custom home construction.



Julia plays a pivotal role at Hargrove & Kidd Construction, overseeing critical business functions that drive the company's success. As the manager, she efficiently handles financial operations, client support, and marketing strategies, ensuring the seamless operation of the business.

In addition to her responsibilities at Hargrove & Kidd Construction, Julia also dedicates her time as a part-time teacher at Crested Butte Community School. Her passion for education and commitment to nurturing young minds make her a valued asset in the community.

With her astute business acumen and dedication to education, Julia brings a unique perspective to her role. Her ability to effectively manage diverse responsibilities showcases her exceptional organizational skills and adaptability.

Julia's multifaceted talents make her an invaluable asset to both Hargrove & Kidd Construction and the Crested Butte community. Her unwavering dedication to excellence and passion for education set her apart as a true leader in her field.



Kelly is a key member of Hargrove & Kidd Construction, responsible for managing financial records, insurance documentation, billing, payroll, and job billing distribution. With over 29 years of experience in office management and bookkeeping, Kelly brings valuable expertise to her role.

As the office manager and bookkeeper, Kelly pays close attention to detail in handling various financial tasks. She ensures the accuracy and organization of financial records, oversees insurance documentation, handles billing and payroll, and efficiently distributes job billing. Kelly's precision and thoroughness contribute to maintaining reliable financial records for the company.

With 20 years of dedicated service at Hargrove & Kidd Construction, Kelly's experience and knowledge of the company's financial processes are invaluable. She plays a crucial role in streamlining financial operations and ensuring compliance with industry standards.



Kristi, the visionary co-founder of Hargrove Construction, brought over 30 years of experience as a financial systems analyst, office manager, and bookkeeper to the table. Her exceptional financial acumen and meticulous approach played a pivotal role in establishing the financial stability and operational efficiency of the company.

With her extensive expertise, Kristi ensured accurate financial management, streamlined operations, and effective resource allocation. Her keen eye for detail and strategic decision-making contributed to the company's success and growth.

Kristi's commitment to excellence went beyond financial matters. She actively supported the transition to Hargrove & Kidd Construction, mentoring Julia and sharing her meticulously developed systems. Her leadership and guidance fostered a culture of professionalism and collaboration within the company.

Kristi's legacy is rooted in her invaluable skills, experience, and unwavering dedication. Her contributions continue to shape Hargrove & Kidd Construction, ensuring its ongoing success in the industry.

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