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Modern Renovation

This amazing log home was built in the late 1980's.  It was masterfully crafted and had great bones.  But it was ready for a modern renovation.  Designed by architect Jen Hartman of Sunlit Architecture and renovated by custom home builder Hargorve & Kidd Construction this home is absolutely gorgeous. Check out the before and after photos of this masterpiece.

Gallery Photos


Cow Camp

The Cow Camp project is an old barn converted into a home.  It was fun to watch the transition on this home.  The interior is absolutely flawless.  

Graham Koval created this video on what we affectionately call Cow Camp, check this home out!




Spring 2019 we started building what will be an awesome home in Wilder.  These are foundation pictures and drone images taken by Scott Brickert.  They are such awesome artistic images of the foundation of this home. Art from the ground up!

Past and Future in One Crested Butte Home

Original House - 1600 square feet – three bedrooms
Addition - 4400 square feet – four bedrooms

Back in 1964, the Weekley family was a new kind of pioneer to Crested Butte.  They came from Texas for the year-round outdoor experience- skiing in the winter and fishing in the summer. The home is a near the Crested Butte Mountain Report which opened in 1960 with a T-bar lift followed by one gondola added in 1963. The Weekley family grew up with the town and the resort. The family enjoyed innumerable family adventures in the area, and over the decades, Crested Butte continued to be the family meeting place.
When the second generation of Weekley's began making plans to update the family home in 2015. They needed a more comfortable place for the ever growing family, including their grandchildren. The idea of a complete remodel was unappealing as the nostalgia surrounding the family home was too powerful to allow for much change to the original home.  The Weekleys started working with architect, Jim Barney of Freestyle Architects, to come up with a way to maintain the wistful nostalgia and accommodate the larger family and modern needs.
Thus, the idea for a large addition came to life.  With custom home builders, Hargrove and Kidd Construction Company, the fascinating new project was brought to life. A new addition added a 4400 square foot modern home to the original 1600 square foot home. Through the door, little has changed in the original home, with its shag carpet, Formica countertops, wood paneled walls and many photos of past adventures.  A six foot section of the living room wall was removed from the old home to create a space for the addition. Old and new are attached by a hallway and a door that is now the passageway to the past.
Adding a new home to the original home took skill and special care by the architect and builder. It was vital to maintain the integrity of the original home and to build a spectacular new home.  The modern home is a marvelous new space for the Weekly family to continue to grow into. The great room features reclaimed timbers from the Morton Salt Mine in UP Michigan; the salt impacted the timbers making them rustic, aged, and beautifully unique. The striking stone fireplace provides an artistic focal point to the living room. And the new home includes a custom staircase that was designed with open risers to allow views through the great room and allow winter views of skiers on the mountain.
Through this new addition, the home the Weekley family built 54 years ago will live on  as the old and new home combine to unify the past, present, and future of the family’s Crested Butte legacy.
Architect: Freestyle Architects, P.C.
Custom Home Builder: Hargrove & Kidd Construction Co
Photographer: James Ray Spahn
Location: Mount Crested Butte, Colorado
Metalwork: ACD Welders/Adam Chater
Timber work: River’s Edge Studio/Greg Downum
Masonry: Rocky Mountain Masonry/Kain Leonard
Electrical: Kalow Electric, LLC/Bill Kalow

Original Home circa 1970
Hallway to the original home
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