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LIV Sotheby’s International Realty Presents Timeless Crested Butte Masterpiece

The Witt Home, a testament to excellence, was meticulously crafted by Hargrove & Kidd Construction and completed in 2017. Every detail was a masterpiece as our skilled tradespeople poured their expertise into this remarkable project. Its exceptional quality and design contributed to its significant value in the Crested Butte real estate market, and we are proud to announce its successful sale in August 2023. Discover how our commitment to craftsmanship adds value to the Crested Butte real estate landscape. The Witt Home, an exceptional achievement

Modern Renovation

This stunning log home, built in the late 1980s, showcased exceptional craftsmanship and solid construction. However, it was in need of a contemporary renovation to bring it up to modern standards. Collaborating with architect Jen Hartman of Sunlit Architecture, Hargrove & Kidd Construction embarked on a transformative project to enhance the home's beauty and functionality.

The renovation was executed, breathing new life into the residence. The expertise of Hargrove & Kidd Construction combined with the innovative design vision of architect Jen Hartman resulted in an absolutely gorgeous home. The before and after photos of this masterpiece showcase the remarkable transformation and the impeccable attention to detail that went into every aspect of the renovation.

From preserving the home's original charm to incorporating modern elements, the renovation achieved a perfect balance between old and new. The result is a stunning blend of timeless craftsmanship and contemporary elegance. This log home now stands as a testament to the collaboration between Sunlit Architecture and Hargrove & Kidd Construction, showcasing their ability to turn a vision into a reality.

Gallery Photos

Orignial log home
Original Log Home
Renovation, fixed home
Living Room, Log Home, Crystal Creek, Almont

Cow Camp

TThe Cow Camp project is a captivating transformation of an old barn into a stunning home. Witnessing the evolution of this unique property was truly remarkable. The interior of the home is truly impeccable.

Graham Koval created this video on what we affectionately call Cow Camp, check this home out!


Cow Camp, Crested Butte, Construction, Living Room
Barn Remodel


Ariel View of a Foundation
Ariel View of Foundation
Ariel View of Foundation

In the spring of 2019, construction began on an incredible home in Wilder. We are thrilled to share with you these stunning foundation pictures and drone images captured by Scott Brickert. These artistic visuals beautifully showcase the foundation of this remarkable home, truly capturing the artistry from the ground up.

Past and Future in One Crested Butte Home

Original House - 1600 square feet – three bedrooms
Addition - 4400 square feet – four bedrooms


In 1964, the Weekley family embarked on a pioneering adventure to Crested Butte, seeking the year-round outdoor experiences of skiing in winter and fishing in summer. Their home was situated near the Crested Butte Mountain Resort, which opened in 1960 and expanded with a T-bar lift and a gondola in subsequent years. As the family grew alongside the town and the resort, Crested Butte became the cherished gathering place for countless family adventures over the decades.

In 2015, the second generation of the Weekley family decided it was time to update their family home to accommodate the ever-growing family, including their grandchildren. While they desired a more comfortable space, they were reluctant to part with the nostalgic charm of the original home. Collaborating with architect Jim Barney from Freestyle Architects, the Weekleys sought a solution that would preserve the sentimental value while addressing their modern needs.

The concept of a substantial addition emerged, and with the expertise of custom home builders Hargrove and Kidd Construction Company, the captivating project began to take shape. The addition introduced a 4,400 square foot modern home while maintaining the essence of the original 1,600 square foot dwelling.


Stepping inside the original home, one is transported back in time with its shag carpet, Formica countertops, wood-paneled walls, and cherished photographs of past adventures. A section of the living room wall was removed to connect the old and new spaces, creating a passage to the past through a hallway and door.

The architect and builder approached the challenge of integrating the new and old homes with utmost care and skill, ensuring the integrity of the original structure while crafting a remarkable new space. The modern addition serves as a marvelous expansion where the Weekley family can continue to thrive. The great room boasts reclaimed timbers from the Morton Salt Mine in UP Michigan, showcasing their rustic, aged, and uniquely beautiful qualities. A striking stone fireplace becomes an artistic centerpiece in the living room, while a custom staircase with open risers provides unobstructed views through the great room, allowing glimpses of skiers on the mountain during winter.

Through this harmonious blending of the old and new, the home that the Weekley family built 54 years ago will endure, preserving their Crested Butte legacy. It becomes a testament to the seamless unification of the past, present, and future for generations to come.

Architect: Freestyle Architects, P.C.
Custom Home Builder: Hargrove & Kidd Construction Co
Photographer: James Ray Spahn
Location: Mount Crested Butte, Colorado
Metalwork: ACD Welders/Adam Chater
Timber work: River’s Edge Studio/Greg Downum
Masonry: Rocky Mountain Masonry/Kain Leonard
Electrical: Kalow Electric, LLC/Bill Kalow

Original Home in Mt. Crested, we remodeled and kept the original home

Original Home circa 1970

Weekly Home Story

Hallway to the original home

New remodeled home
Remodeled home
Remodeled home
Remodeled kitchen
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